Power, Opposition and Social Media in Russia

In this article, the relations and contradictions between the opposition, social media, and power in Russia are examined. These relations and contradictions were considered important in terms of pointing out the function of social media in authoritarian regimes. The article presents the subject from an objective point of view. First of all, the definition of opposition in Russia and the concept of ‘real opposition’ is discussed. Indeed, in order to understand what is real opposition especially in Russia, it is necessary to understand what it is not. Then, by using the descriptive analysis method, it is revealed what social media means for both opposition and Kremlin. Power categorically sees social media as an instrument of an ideological war against itself. According to the Kremlin, social media is an “American mischief.” On the other hand, social media is accepted as the only option for the opposition, who are almost completely devoid of traditional media opportunities. Therefore, social media discussions continue on the axis of westernism-Americanism in terms of power. In terms of opposition, social media discussions are handled within the framework of freedom of expression, and social media is seen as the ‘last castle’.

Release date: 2021
Journal: Gumushane University e-journal of Faculty of Communication
Volume: 9
No: 1
Pages: 470-501
For citation: Temir, E . (2021). POWER, OPPOSITION AND SOCIAL MEDIA IN RUSSIA . Gümüşhane Üniversitesi İletişim Fakültesi Elektronik Dergisi , 9 (1) , 470-501 . DOI: 10.19145/e-gifder.816300


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